Schedule Of Fees

The following fees apply to all electrical product safety certification applications. Both languages are considered to be equally authentic. In the event of any discrepancy between the two languages, the English description shall prevail.


Services and Fees


1.       New Certificate 新申请 $650+GST
2.       Renew of Certificate 更新申请 $650+GST
3.       Technical Modification of Certificate 技术性修改申请 $500+GST
4.       Non-technical Modification of Certificate 非技术性修改申请 $330+GST
5.       Transfer a Certificate to another company 证书持有人变更 $330+GST
6.       24-hour Priority 24小时加急服务 200% normal service fee
7.       72-hour Priority 72小时加急服务 150% normal service fee
Notes: 注释:
1. Fees are in Australian Dollars. (Additional fees will be charged if payment is not in Australian Dollars.) 1. 费用以澳币计。(如果不用澳币支付,则可能会收取额外的手续费。)
2. GST will not be charged to a client outside of Australia.

3. Extra report review fee: Where applications require multiple full test reports, an extra technical modification fee of $500 per report may be applied.

2. 海外客户无需支付GST增值税。


3. 额外测试报告评审费用:当一个申请含有多于一个完整的全测试报告时,您可能被收取500澳币每一个额外的测试报告。

4. Where applications include multiple models an additional modification fee may be applied as follows:

-- up to 20 models are included in the original fee

-- from 21 to 50 models- AUD $200 + GST 

-- from 51-100 models- AUD $400 + GST

-- over 100 models- AUD $400 + AUD $5 per model + GST.

4. 如果一个申请含有多个产品型号,您可能被收取如下额外费用:


-- 20个及以内产品型号不收取额外费用;

-- 21到50个产品型号,加收200澳币;

-- 51到100个产品型号,加收400澳币;


5. Availability of Priority Service is subject to the current workload – please enquire first. 5. 加急服务视公司工作量情况酌情提供。请事先咨询。
6. The application fee payable is a payment for processing a certification but not a guarantee of a certificate. 6. 认证费用是支付认证服务的,并不能保证证书一定会被签发。

The service fees can be made by Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), Alipay or WeChat pay while submitting online applications. For service fees made by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), please use the following information:


Bank Name: Westpac Cleveland
Bank Address: 65 Middle Street Corner, Bloomfield St, Cleveland, Queensland 4163, Australia
Account Name: OZ CERT PTY LTD
Bank State Branch: 034 070
Account: 607 145
Swift Code: WPACAU2S
Please use the invoice number as a reference and send us a copy of the remittance slip to