Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I would like to bring an electrical product to Australia and sell it, what do I need to do?
A: All electrical equipment imported and sold in Australia must be electrically safe.
If the product falls into regulatory declared article definition or risk level 3 as specified in AS/NZS 4417.2, you need to get the product tested to relevant safety standard and certified by Australian certification body before bringing it into Australia.

Q: How do I get the product Australian certified?
A: Get the product tested to relevant safety standards and apply certification service from OZ Cert Pty Ltd.

Q: How long will it take to get an electrical product certified?
A: OZ Cert Pty Ltd offers a 5 working days turnaround certification service. The 5 working days start from the day that we receive complete supportive information. Once there’s non-conformity spotted, we feedback to you, you decide whether to continue with further information or not. If yes, the 5 working days re-start from the day we receive further supportive information.

Q: What do I need to prepare for the certification application?
A: Please make sure you have a copy of a safety test report that shows compliance for the product. If yes, go to the Preparation for Application section for supportive documents preparation.

Q: Where can I get the product tested?
A: You may get the product tested at any properly accredited test laboratory. By properly accredited, it means a NATA laboratory, a CB laboratory, or an ILAC laboratory. You may get the product tested either in Australia/New Zealand, or a proper laboratory near the manufacturing site.

Q: Do I need to provide you a sample?
A: We do not always request a sample. While we have concerns for the product and photos or supportive documents cannot address the issues, we’ll request a sample for inspection.

Q: What do I need to do after my certificate granted?
A: It is your responsibility to make sure mass productions continue to fulfill the certification requirements. Any change happens to the product need to notify us and get the certificate updated.

Q: What’s the validity period for a certificate?
A: Normally 5 years except otherwise specified by regulators. You may renew the certificate before it expires, or you may withdraw it at any time during the validity period.