Preparation for Applications

In Australia and New Zealand, electrical products need to satisfy regulatory requirements as well as standard requirements.

We understand preparation for an application can sometimes be hard work. We have detailed information on the client agreement.

Below is a supporting document checklist that could help you kick off the application. It is not necessary to have all the listed documents for every application. However, all documents accompanying the application shall be in English. The mentioned document templates are in Application Forms and Documents.

  • Client Agreement - All applicants shall read and agree to abide by the document.
  • Consultant Authorization Letter - If you are a consultant, please have the applicant sign a copy of the authorization letter.
  • Test Report - An Electrical safety test report from an accredited test lab to relevant product standards.
  • Test Report Authorization Letter - If the applicant is not the test report holder, you'll need to get the test report holder to sign the Test Report Authorization Letter.
  • Model Identity Declaration Letter - If the model numbers in the application are not identical to the ones in the test report.
  • Instruction Manual
  • Name Plate/Label
  • Circuit Diagram or Drawing
  • Critical Component Australian Certificates - Components that are declared electrical articles or risk level 3 items have to have Australian certificates.