About Us

OZ Cert Pty Ltd is a self-funded, privately owned, completely independent Australian certification body specializing in electrical product safety certification.  We operate from offices in Brisbane, Queensland, offering our services to Australian and international customers seeking to supply their electrical products and components to the Australian market.

We aim to achieve efficiency and impartiality in the certification business by using up-to-date technologies, simplified certification processes, and client-friendly application experience.

We have no ties to local or international test laboratories and do not provide a consulting service for our clients.  Our staff are experienced with testing and certification and have the skills and know-how to make OZ Cert your first choice for electrical product certification.

We pride ourselves on ensuring our clients are offered the best service possible, given the correct information, and dealt with in a cost-effective, timely, and professional manner.  With the use of advanced technology, we are able to simplify the application process and ensure we capture the correct information from you to ensure your application can be speedily processed.  Given the complete and correct information, we can provide a certificate for your products within 5 working days of application.

Our Accreditation and Recognition